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Love Really is a Four Legged Word in Panama City, Florida

Are you looking to have a doggone great time with your furry friends? Panama City, Florida is a super place to start. From parades to 5Ks, pups in Panama City have access to a variety of activities and amenities. There is even an annual dog Mayor election event that raises money for area shelters and veterinarian services.  Continue reading “Love Really is a Four Legged Word in Panama City, Florida”

About the Jazz

The culture of a city is often defined by the sounds of the community.
In Panama City, Florida the Gulf Jazz Society is committed to supporting the vitality and charm of the city by bringing nationally acclaimed jazz musicians to perform throughout the year. Held at Oaks by the Bay Park in the heart of one of the city’s most popular historic districts, the annual Jazz By the Bay Festival welcomes thousands to a family-friendly, free weekend of jazz. Jennifer Vigil, of Destination Panama City says, “A large part of the energy and enthusiasm of this community can be attributed to the accomplishments of the Gulf Jazz Society. They have single handedly infused the community with an appreciation for jazz and people from around the country come here just to experience it for a weekend.” In addition Continue reading “About the Jazz”

Haunted Walking Tour in Downtown Panama City

PANAMA CITY, Florida (October 9, 2019) – On October 18 & 19, Bay Arts Alliance will be hosting a Haunted Walking Tour of Historic Downtown Panama City featuring stories of murders and hauntings throughout downtown.

“Being in the Center for the Arts, right in the heart of downtown historic Panama City, we are so excited to be hosting this event. Surprisingly enough, we’ve learned things about this area that we didn’t know,” said Jayson Kretzer, Executive Director of Bay Arts Alliance.

“For instance, the unsolved murder of Joseph Mullins, and how his car was found down by the Post Office covered in blood. And The Light Room’s old life as a haunted antiques shop. Even the extent of the hauntings in the Martin Theatre is surprising. I think residents young and old will learn something new and get a kick out of the tour.” Continue reading “Haunted Walking Tour in Downtown Panama City”

A Tourist with a Purpose

Traditionally, vacations are thought to be leisure or recreational adventures. We often envision the extremes from floating beach or poolside to hair-raising roller coaster rides, or Broadway plays to repelling rock faces. The pace of our most meaningful adventures have always been self-subscribed, because vacation after all is not, by definition, an adventure. It is the departure of our normal lives, the vacating of work or school to go and do or just be somewhere else. Continue reading “A Tourist with a Purpose”

#WeArePC – The people who went above and beyond to help Panama City bounce back from Hurricane Michael

On October 10th, 2018, Hurricane Michael rocked the very core of Panama City. The damage our homes and livelihoods took was substantial and, as the storm clouds rolled away, everyone knew that our city was forever changed. However, when the sun rose the next, the citizens of Panama City stepped up to the plate, rolled up their sleeves, and decided that if their world was going to change, they might as well change it for the better. Continue reading “#WeArePC – The people who went above and beyond to help Panama City bounce back from Hurricane Michael”

…And a Hopeful New Year

During this holiday season members of our community came together for healing and camaraderie. The spirit of the season was alive and well in Panama City and could be seen in full display at the numerous events that happened despite Hurricane Michael trying to be the Grinch who steals our cheer. Continue reading “…And a Hopeful New Year”

Operation Santa Boat

On December 19th, 2018 a nautical sleigh pulled into the C.S.S. Yacht Basin in St. Andrews carrying gifts for the children affected by Hurricane Michael. Operation Santa Boat saw the delivery of over 1,500 presents to Panama City for residents to pick up from Panama City’s Salvage Santa at the First Baptist Church located at 640 Grace Avenue. Continue reading “Operation Santa Boat”

The Arts: Surviving and Thriving in Panama City

Panama City has always been renowned for its thriving arts community; and our local artists have been showing the world that it will take much more than hurricane to stifle the creative soul of our beautiful city. Continue reading “The Arts: Surviving and Thriving in Panama City”

Book a Floating Airbnb at the St. Andrews Marina

If you’ve ever wondered what life at sea would be like, you can get a little taste for yourself in Panama City, Florida! Rent your home away from home, right on the water, with the abundance of Airbnb boat rentals offered at the St. Andrews Marina. From small sailboats to 56-foot motor yachts, there isn’t a better water view around. A one-of-a-kind experience made for the adventurous at heart, you won’t be disappointed with your home away from home. Some even feature an excursion with one of their captains.

When you want to venture onto land, there’s plenty to do within a short walking distance. Take some time to explore the historic St. Andrews neighborhood, with a variety of local shops, art galleries, museums and charming restaurants serving up fresh local seafood.


There’s even a few stops on the Panama City Oyster Trail located right in St. Andrews that you won’t want to miss!


For a full list of restaurants and more about the Oyster Trail, download the map here.

Featured in Southern Living, you can read more about these unique Airbnb boat rentals by clicking here!

Kayak-Fishing the Creeks of Panama City

Ten easily accessible kayak launch sites in northwest Florida

Panama City, FL is a fishing village embraced by the blue waters of St. Andrew Bay. It also boasts meandering creeks and bayous throughout, enticing fishermen to ditch the boat and explore the area by kayak and try their hand at kayak-fishing. The nearby Tyndall Air Force Base alone features 130 miles of largely uninhabited grass and pine shorelines that are teeming with fish.

Panama City welcomes all levels of expertise when it comes to kayak-fishing. Newcomers can hire a guide to accompany them on their voyage, and more experienced paddlers can either bring their kayaks to one of the many launch sites or they can embark on a guided charter with Sunjammers. While the panhandle’s comparatively tranquil Gulf of Mexico offers the most accessible deep-sea kayak-fishing in the United States, the winds and currents can change quickly, making it difficult to paddle back through choppy conditions and tall surf, so kayakers should be weather-aware to ensure a fun day on the water.

Below are 10 easy-to-find public launch sites that offer access to year-round light-tackle fishing for redfish and spotted seatrout, plus seasonal opportunities for flounder, pompano, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and more. All you need is a map and a wind forecast to start your maiden kayaking trip in Panama City.

1. Crooked Creek Boat Ramp: Located just west of the airport, Crooked Creek Boat Ramp requires a long but scenic paddle south to West Bay. Kayakers can turn left or right at the mouth to look for redfish and trout along miles of virtually undeveloped pine shorelines and wide, shallow grassflats. The area is well-protected when north winds howl. Recommended lures include topwater plugs, suspending twitchbaits and weedless soft-plastics. To find this boat launch, click here.

2. Burnt Mill Creek Boat Ramp: Located just east of the airport, Burnt Mill Creek Boat Ramp offers the option of a scenic, winding paddle up the creek to the north, or a half-mile paddle to the south to reach West Bay. With miles of uninhabited shoreline in either direction, Burnt Mill Creek provides protection from north or east winds. It’s a great area to throw topwater plugs or look for tailing redfish. To find this boat launch, click here.

3. Hathaway Bridge: Paddlers can launch off the sand at Carl Grey Park adjacent to the Hathaway Bridge, and there are plenty of fishing options here —kayakers should look for reds and trout in shallow potholes and under the docks to the northeast or paddle a mile northwest across the bay and work the shallow grassflats on the west shoreline of North Bay. The Hathaway also offers big-game fishing despite its location five miles inside the St. Andrew Pass. Seasoned kayakers should investigate deep water and reefs around the bridge for giant redfish, snapper, grouper or even the occasional kingfish, tarpon and cobia that wanders in from the Gulf of Mexico. Pedal-style kayaks are highly recommended to avoid collisions with concrete pilings while fighting large fish in possibly strong currents. To find this boat launch, click here.

4. Pretty Bayou Boat Ramp: This ramp provides access to the south shoreline of North Bay. Kayakers should look for reds, trout and occasional flounder in shallow potholes and under docks when launching from this boat ramp. Shallow-running twitchbaits, soft-plastics or topwaters recommended for lures. To find this boat launch, click here.

5. A.L. Kinsaul Park: This ramp offers easy access to North Bay from the west end of 5th Street and provides protection from southern winds. Kayakers should paddle west toward the power lines to look for redfish and trout near shore and in shallow sand holes. Recommended lures include shallow-running twitchbaits and soft-plastics. To find this boat launch, click here.

6. Bailey Bridge: Paddlers should launch at Bailey Bridge Park when the wind is coming from the south, or beneath the north end of the bridge if the wind is blowing from the north or east. The Bailey Bridge Boat Ramp provides access to grassflats, bayous and docks on either side of North Bay. When fishing to the east, recommended lures include suspending twitchbaits or soft-plastics rigged on jigheads. To the west, recommended lures change to topwater plugs, suspending twitchbaits and weedless soft-plastics work well. To find this boat launch, click here.

7. DuPont Bridge: The Under the Oaks boat ramp provides access to miles of largely uninhabited East Bay grassflats adjacent to Tyndall Air Force Base. Some kayakers also choose to launch their boats from the beach after crossing the bridge. Both locations provide fishing beneath the flight path of F22, F16 and T38 planes that can be deafening and distracting at times, but the fish don’t seem to mind. The bridge pilings also hold bull redfish that can reach 40 pounds. There is no need to bring a cooler when bridge fishing, as it’s strictly catch-and-release fishing. To find this boat launch, click here.

8. Men’s Club Boat Ramp: This boat ramp offers access to either a winding two-mile paddle north to the source of Callaway Bayou or a ¾-mile trek south to chase trout and redfish on the shallow grassflats and bayous along the north shore of East Bay. To find this boat launch, click here.

9. Downtown Panama City: Kayaks can launch from the sand in downtown Panama City off of West 4th Street and Beach Drive on the north side of City Hall. This launch offers easy access to East Bay near downtown or Beach Drive, as well as the opportunity to paddle across the bay to fish the Redfish Point area and the grassflats inside St. Andrew Pass. Kayakers should navigate carefully when the afternoon sea breeze kicks up chaotic wave conditions near the Panama City Marina seawall. This is also a popular area to troll for Spanish mackerel from spring through autumn. To find this boat launch, click here.

10. Weekend Gate, Tyndall Air Force Base: This boat launch is technically referred to as the St. Andrew Sound Land Midpoint and is a beach launch that is open only on holidays and weekends to minimize interference with military drone flight operations. Kayakers should turn south and drive through the metal gate 7.8 miles east of the DuPont Bridge on Highway 98 and follow the winding dirt trail for half of a mile to Crooked Island Sound. From there it’s a relatively short paddle directly across to the pass at Crooked Island, which is a popular socializing point for kayakers and boaters drawn to the snow-white beaches, crystal-clear water and wildlife. Paddlers can expect to see turtles, rays, dolphins, fish and shorebirds. There are plenty of fish in this area too, including redfish, trout, pompano, flounder, Spanish mackerel, sheepshead and small grouper, or head out beyond the pass in search of kingfish, cobia and tarpon. To find this boat launch, click here.

Jerry McBride teaches kayak fishing and is a freelance outdoor writer and photographer specializing in kayak fishing. He has written for Florida Sportsman and Shallow Water Angler and was the editor of Kayak Fish magazine. You can follow in on Facebook at:

Summer Treats in Panama City, Florida

Is summer actually summer if it isn’t filled with scoops of ice cream, Pina Coladas and desserts made with seasonal fruit? If you ask us, we’re pretty sure it should be a new requirement when you’re on vacation to cave in to your sweet tooth. We know when you’re traveling, it can be difficult to find all the best places to stop, but don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this list of some the best places to find those tasty summer treats in Panama City, Florida.


Cool Down with Frozen Treats

If you’re sporting your tank top and flip flops this summer and finding you’re still a little hot, take some time to cool down with these frozen treats.  We won’t judge if you decide to make it a bucket list and try them all!

Barefoot on the Bay Piña Colada Smoothie

Nothing screams summer quite like coconuts and pineapples.  The panoramic view of St. Andrews Bay doesn’t hurt either.  Grab a seat on the back deck overlooking the crystal blue waters of the bay, and enjoy a delicious Piña Colada Smoothie.  And if you want a more traditional Piña Colada (you know, the kind with a little more punch), they’ve got that too!  We’ve also got to mention that they’re a stop on the Panama City Oyster Trail, serving up some pretty delicious oysters on the half shell.

Sugar Boogers Ice Cream

If hearing the words “icing shot” makes you drool a little, then you need to run to Sugar Boogers!  The name of their business might be even sweeter than their specialty cakes – it was inspired by a nickname that the owner’s grandpa called her Oma.  Sugar Boogers is the place to stop if you’re looking for cookies, ice cream or gourmet cupcakes, and they’ve also got you covered on custom cakes and designs if you have a special event while you’re in town.


Loony Shakes from Vinny & Bay’s Coffee and Eatery

You can’t visit Panama City, Florida without stopping in Vinny & Bay’s and ordering a Loony Shake.  A totally over the top shake, Loony Shakes are rimmed with anything from chocolate malt balls to sprinkles and Lucky Charms!  And it doesn’t stop there.  Depending on what you order, they’re garnished with a variety of toppings ranging from Hershey’s bars, Reese’s, Kit Kats, dripping syrups and whipped cream to full size donuts from local Dan-D-Donuts!  The creations are endless!



Key Lime Pops at the Panama City Marina

A staple on almost every dessert menu, Key lime pie is a pretty big deal in Florida.  While we love tradition, we also love a good twist on things.  Dipped in chocolate and on a popsicle stick, this is a perfect and easy cold treat to eat while fishing on Panama City Marina.

Delicious Summer Deserts

We know you’re working up your appetite after long days in the sun exploring Panama City.  From deep water fishing, paddle boarding, jet skiing, shopping and all of the other exciting activities you’re doing, you might need something a little more filling to pair with your ice cream.  Cake, pies and all sugary sweet baked desserts are obviously the answer!

Sweet Magnolia’s Deli Strawberry Cake

There are a dozen ways to enjoy this season’s star fruit.  Sweet and savory, they make for some pretty tasty culinary treats.  Sweet Magnolia’s Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake just happens to be so delicious, it was featured on USA Today’s 100+ Way to Savor Strawberries.


Bayou Joe’s Sunshine Pie

We mentioned before that we love a good Key lime pie, but Bayou Joe’s Sunshine Pie is a must try!  It’s like a Key lime pie, except made with oranges.  If that doesn’t sound like your kind of treat, you can order a traditional Key lime pie instead.  Aside from the delicious desserts, Bayou Joe’s is a must stop place in Panama City, located in a bright pink building with 270+ degree view of the water.  And if you’ve spent all day on the boat working up your appetite, you can just pull up and hop on through the window – we all do it!

g. Foley’s Seasonal Cream Brulee

Offering casual elegance with an eclectic menu of locally sourced fare, g. Foley’s doesn’t ever disappoint.  Order a Cream Brulee topped with seasonal fresh berries and whipped cream, and sit outside to enjoy the summer air on the beautiful courtyard shaded by oak trees.

Funnel Cake Fries at The Place Downtown

You could say that eating funnel cakes during summer is kind of a rite of passage.  Every child (and adult) should be able to claim that they devoured an entire funnel cake completely by themselves at least once in their lives.  The hot, fried, doughnut-like dough smothered in powdered sugar is a quintessential food of fairs, theme park and carnivals.  But in Panama City, you can order a fun twist on the delicious dessert at The Place Downtown.  Funnel Cake Fries may or may not be just as messy, but they certainly are just as delicious!

Refreshing Drinks with a View

Summer vacation means it’s totally acceptable to kick back and relax with a drink in your hand in the middle of the afternoon.  We don’t think there’s any better way to get your dose of vitamin D than sitting on a deck overlooking the water drinking a punny named cocktail.  It gets even better – all of these locations also offer live entertainment!  Just make sure you check their current schedules before heading out.

Uncle Ernie’s

With names like Brazilian Kiss, The Sassy Senorita and Dapper Dan, you can’t go wrong with anything on their menu.  If you’re looking for the perfect summer drink, we recommend trying the Starburst Martini or the Sunset Martini, made with strawberry Vodka, freshly muddled oranges mixed with pineapple juice, a drop of grenadine and champagne float.  You can sit on the outdoor two-level deck for amazing views of the bay and even take a stroll on the boardwalk extending from the restaurant. 


Los Antojitos

For some of the best margaritas in town, Los Antojitos is the place to go!  They pair perfectly with the famous Superduperbaked Burrito, weighing in at 5 pounds!  The outdoor deck overlooks Lake Ware and is the perfect way to spend a laid-back afternoon.


Shipyard Grill

Nestled within the Sun Harbor Marina, the Shipyard Grill is a perfect ‘dock and dine’ restaurant. Located on the site of a WWII Shipyard, the restaurant has some pretty cool history behind it, and you’ll find an assortment of memorabilia and artifacts throughout.  You can enjoy water views from every single table, whether you choose to sit inside or outside.  As if this place wasn’t already awesome enough, it also boasts an outdoor Tiki Bar.  The Pineapple Upside Down Martini is full of grilled pineapple deliciousness, but we also love the aptly named drinks like the Shipyard Sipper and Blue Marlin.

The Shrimp Boat

A staple seafood restaurant in Panama City since the 1950’s, The Shrimp Boat started out as a 50-seat diner and has grown to a 500-seat restaurant.  Perfect for waterfront dining, the restaurant sits along the Smith Yacht Basin in St. Andrews Bay.  They open for dinner at 4 PM, the perfect timing for a late afternoon drink after an eventful day in Panama City!

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The Governor Stone

The Governor Stone is a National Historic Landmark located in Historic St. Andrews.  The last known survivor of a class of vessels once numbering in the thousands, the Governor Stone celebrated her 140th birthday in 2017.

She was featured in Travel Pulse as one of America’s Most Historic Tall Ships. In the United States, the National Register of Historic Places includes more than 120 vessels, of which many are well-preserved tall ships that chronicle the history of the continent through tales of exploration, war and commerce – including the Governor Stone!

Built in 1877, the Governor Stone initially delivered materials to deep-draft ships lying offshore and hauling cargo between ports along the Gulf Coast. Later, under new ownership, she worked as an oyster buy-boat, transporting oysters to the market. During Prohibition, the vessel was used to bring contraband rum from Cuba, in addition to the oysters. In 1942, she was purchased by the U.S. War commission and operated as a Navy training vessel through the war.

In 1965, John Curry and his wife purchased the Governor Stone, and learned to sail and lived on the boat. They sailed the history of the boat talking to and meeting people who remembered her past. He funded the restoration that made her into a cargo freighter once again.

With a long history and after being restored several times, the Governor Stone was listed as National Historic Landmark in 1991. Today, she sails as an enhancement to cultural, historical, and ecological education and community events along the Northern Gulf Coast.

You can sail aboard the schooner for FREE on the second Saturday of each month (weather permitting), while relaxing on the last known working shallow draft Gulf Coast schooner. Seats are limited and are given on a first come, first served basis at the St. Andrews Waterfront Farmer’s Market on the day of the sail.

The Most Instagrammable Places in Downtown Panama City

If you’re into Instagramming, put Downtown Panama City, FL on your list. Its got a 30’s Art Deco theatre, waterfront vistas, historic buildings and an overall vintage vibe that will make your Instagram followers jealous? We put together a list of the most popular Instagram spots for you to check out plus a few of our favorites that are a little off the main thoroughfare. Click here to view the Google Map Tour of these unique places.

1. The Martin Theatre / 409 Harrison Ave

2. The Quonset Hut / 320 Luverne Ave

3. Ate50 Pit Stop + Provisions / 107 West 4th St

4. Massalina Bayou Drawbridge / East Beach Drive

5. Marie Beauty Shoppe Front / 108 Harrison Ave

6. Marie Beauty Shoppe Rear / 108 Harrison Ave

7. The Covered Door / 400 Luverne Ave

8. Panama City Center For The Arts / 19 E 4th St

9. Tom’s Hot Dogs / 555 Harrison Ave

10. Panama City Marina / 1 Harrison Ave





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How to #ExplorePC 50 Awesome Ways Under $50

More and more we want to be travelers – not just tourists. We want to experience our destination like a local. As travelers, we want to know all the best places to eat, shop, stay, and play! Located in Northwest Florida, Panama City and Panama City Beach are separated by the Hathaway Bridge. It’s a relatively small bridge, that offers a connection to the best of both worlds. Most everyone knows the Panama City Beach side for its beautiful white sand beaches, but not everyone knows about the plethora of cool places on the Panama City side. We’ve put together this fun little list, so that you’ll understand why we #LovePC. From ecotourism, to the eccentric little shops and the mom & pop restaurants that will blow your mind, Panama City, is a beautiful bayside city that should be on everyone’s bucket list.

The historic neighborhoods…

Historic St. Andrews is a high-spirited neighborhood known for clinging to its roots as a salty fisherman’s village. Today, it’s highly pedestrian with sidewalks, parks, a full service marina, dockside dining, live music and a splash of artistry in everything you see. The Historic St. Andrews neighborhood is loved by locals and adored by visitors. It’s a treasured anomaly amidst a world filled with normalcy, and the people of the neighborhood are some of the funniest, top-notch amateur tour guides you could hope to meet. All around Beck Avenue, the main corridor, you’ll find shops, restaurants, live music, maybe watch some dolphins play along the marina wall, and plenty of new friends.

Historic Downtown Panama City is the quintessential historic neighborhood wrought with old Florida charm combined with a slightly different art deco flare! It’s art scene isn’t just up & coming – it’s on fire! It’s an enclave of private galleries and boutiques housed in vintage buildings with a wide variety of exciting educational, cultural, culinary and entertainment gems. Harrison Avenue is heartbeat of the district, but be sure to explore the side streets and the Panama City Marina. Aside from the beautiful marina views of St. Andrews Bay and the Gulf of Mexico, Historic Downtown Panama City is alive with family friendly activities and happenings.

Historic Millville is a quaint out of the way neighborhood, located south of Scenic Hwy 98. Just east of Watson Bayou, Millville was one of the original frontier settlements in Bay County. WIth the massive greenspace of the Millville Waterfront Park, to the antique retailers, galleries and the iconic eateries, you’ll be in awe of the how well they’ve retained their historic character.

First and foremost, the Destination Panama City Visitor’s Center is the most important spot! It’s located in what was the first bank in St. Andrews. The old-style craftsmanship and phenomenal woodwork stuns every person upon entry. The Destination Panama City team provides insider info about everything Panama City!
Located in Historic St. Andrews

On to dining…

“Eat local” takes on a whole new meaning in Panama City. Every restaurant on this list is independently owned and prides itself on a unique menu that reflects the personalities of its owners and chefs.

Serving lunch and dinner, Dan-D-Donuts is a hometown favorite among locals and visitors. This family-owned shop offers up specialty items like the King Dan ( A donut the size of an adult male’s head) to your normal everyday favorites. With affordable prices and freshly made treats, your stomach and your wallet won’t be disappointed.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Just the Cook is a walk up food boat; you read that right – food boat – sort of like a food truck – but so much cooler! Docked in St. Andrews Marina, it offers a view and a vibe like no other! It’s been featured on the Cooking Channel for the creation of the Dan-D-Burger and Chef Ernie is the epitome of a “unique character”.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Peruse the Historic St. Andrews Farmers Market and connect with the local makers, artisans and producers offered every Saturday at the Smith Yacht Basin along Beck Avenue!
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Finns Island Style Grub, located inside Little Village, offers outdoor garden-style seating mixed with food that bursts with flavor, freshness and vegetarian options. We recommend trying the Killer Carnita Burrito, blackened fish tacos, shrimp quesadilla, ceviche…basically, try everything. We know you’ll want to come back again and again.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Tucked in the heart of the Massalina Bayou, on the eastern edge of Historic Downtown Panama City, Bayou Joe’s is painted bright pink – so this hidden gem stands out for more than one reason. This local secret is the only place that offers delicious “Old Florida” style food with a beautiful 270+ degree view of the water. If you’re out boating, just pull up and hop in through the window – we all do it! We recommend trying the infamous “Trash Burger”! It has a little bit of everything. We won’t say anymore, you’ll see when you try it!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

g.Foley’s has great lunch specials and early bird dinner pricing that won’t break the bank. This sophisticated restaurant seamlessly blends the interior modern furnishings with the beautiful oak tree-shaded courtyard outside. Hosting live music a few times a week, this restaurant is casual elegance with an eclectic menu of locally sourced fare & creative cocktails.
Located in the Retail Corridor

Basically, everyone knows the world’s best oysters are harvested and raised right here along the Northwest Florida shores. Oysters are such a way of life in Panama City, they created their own oyster trail (#PCOysterTrail). Grab a guide at the Visitor’s Center, or download the map and make a stop at a few of the oyster bars along the way. Whether you like them raw, grilled, fried, baked, or sauteed – in Panama City, it’s oysters all ways, always!
Located throughout Panama City

We couldn’t mention oysters without the mentioning Honor Allen, a shucker at Hunt’s Oyster Bar & Seafood Restaurant. If you didn’t know, Honor is the back-to-back USA Oyster Shucking Champion! He’s traveled the world competing and is just one of the most genuine young men around! His fame and talent haven’t gone to his head – you can find him most days at Hunt’s Oyster Bar where he shucks about a “dozen a minute”!
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Sweet Magnolia’s is a charming deli-style restaurant housed in a 100 year old building. It’s casual atmosphere and the smell of the wisteria flowers over the outdoor trellis are where all great afternoons begin! The selection of house made sandwiches, soups, salads are wonderful – but their dessert tray is the everything!
Located in Historic Millville

Started by a local teen, Vinny & Bays Coffee and Eatery employs people with disabilities and allows them to have a job with meaningful employment. Their adorable designer milkshakes are delicious and photo worthy!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Seeking a sweet treat? Sugar Boogers is the place to go! This family owned and run scrumptious shop is filled with coffee, cookies, cake and the biggest cupcakes with even bigger icing on top.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

We know what you’re thinking, how can we possibly try everything? It’s as easy as signing up for the Panama City Food Tour. This $40 culinary journey consists of a 2-hour stroll through the historic neighborhood eateries.
Located in Historic St. Andrews and Historic Downtown Panama City.

More on Dining

Take a look back…

Located by Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill is the Governor’s Stone. This National Historic Landmark celebrated her 140th birthday in 2017. You can sail for FREE aboard the national historic landmark schooner, Governor Stone on the second Saturday of each month (weather permitting), while relaxing on the last known working shallow draft Gulf Coast schooner.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Stop by the Panama City Publishing Museum. This historical museum not only provides tons of information, but it’s also famous for being the previous business location of Panama City’s Founding Father, George Mortimer West and features vintage printing presses as well as copies of decade old newspapers.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

The Panama City Publishing Museum also offers a free guided Walking Tours on Wednesdays and Fridays at 1:30 PM. If you are too busy exploring the town and miss it, do not worry. They offer an audio tour that you can download to your smartphone!
Located in Historic St.Andrews

Oaks by the Bay is one of seven waterfront parks in Panama City. There is a quiet place that includes a boardwalk down to the bay shore, with an observation platform and benches for watching the waves and enjoying the salt breeze. There is also interpretive information explaining the local history, including a salt kettle used to distill water from St. Andrews Bay for salt making during the Civil War.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Another educational spot to wander is the Bay County Historical Society Museum where you can learn about all the rich history of the area. Open Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Known to have deep Native American roots, you can check out pre-Columbian shell, bone, stone and clay artifacts from the local and surrounding areas at the Native Spirits Museum and Gallery. The museum is free and open to the public.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Aging like a fine wine, The Old Sentry is a heritage Oak Tree that is estimated to be over 250 years old. This picture-perfect spot is in the center of the Oaks by the Bay Park. It stood “during the war between the states, as if a Sentry Standing Guard over St. Andrews Bay”.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Creativity at its core…

A great place to start is the Panama City Center for the Arts. Originally built in 1926, the historic building used be City Hall/Police Station/Fire Department and Jail. Now this 2000 square foot gallery showcases a substantial art collection, as well as local and traveling art exhibitions from around the nation and abroad. Annually, it features one of the largest Muhammad Ali memorabilia collections available for public display.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Trips Vintage Art and Custom Frames is pretty awesome. In a restored historic home, you’ll find a lifelong collection of antique art and frames with a special interest given to nautical scenes, military photos and early hand tinted photography. Check their schedule for their quarterly free cheese and wine socials!
Located in Historic Millville

Often referred to as America’s best-known coastal artist, Paul Brent’s Gallery is located in Historic Downtown Panama City. Established in 1990, this 8000 square foot gallery and studio was designed by the artist himself. You will surely get lost for hours browsing through his original work and others!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Get creative and participate in “Art on the Spot” at Floriopolis. It’s a community arts metropolis with gallery, market, studio and courtyard and offers a free 10-minute art project that is fun for everyone!
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Stroll on over to Jani Ceramics to get the creative juices flowing. Here you can create your own masterpiece. Grab a paint brush and let your imagination take over. She supplies everything you will need to craft a keepsake to remember all the fun you had in Panama City.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

There are tons of hidden murals everywhere like #thisisnotamural. Take an adventure and find plenty of photo opportunities around Panama City. We know you’ll walk away with a perfect selfie with #nofilter needed!
Located in Historic St. Andrews and Historic Downtown Panama City
#thisisnotamural is located on the side of Sunjammers in Historic St. Andrews and was made with #chalk.

Like Entertainment?…

Uncle Ernie’s Bayfront Grill will have you feeling at home as you enjoy award-winning food in a laid-back atmosphere. The quaint yellow house will have you enjoying live entertainment, incredible food, indoor and outdoor views of St. Andrews Bay and of course “Bay County’s Most Beautiful Sunsets” along with the best Bloody Mary in town.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Located on the site of a former WWII shipyard and also on the #PCOysterTrail, lies the Shipyard Grill. Nautically themed, this restaurant pays tribute to the rich shipbuilding industry of Panama City area. The Shipyard Grill offers and upscale yet relaxed American fare highlighted by fresh local seafood and colorful drink specials!
Located at the Sun Harbor Marina just east of the Hathaway bridge

Little Village is a place where you can trade in the sun and sand for shade and serenity. With bohemian style decor, large majestic oak trees, super views on the shore of Lake Ware and live entertainment, it’s the perfect setting to relax, catch up with friends and make new friends.
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Mosey’s Downtown is the one of the coolest spots in Panama City. Not only do they serve some gigantic pizza pies – they have several large rooms to choose your perfect vibe. From a cozy mahogany bar featuring a variety of craft beer, to a game room sporting a pool table, cork dartboards and a ping pong table, to an 1100 square foot music venue, you’ll find something for everyone.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Come enjoy Harrison Avenue and watch Downtown fill up with live music every Wednesday for Music Matters. But, just so you know, live music is offered somewhere in Panama City every night of the week. For the latest live music listing – stop by the Visitor’s Center for the weekly events calendar!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Tucked on the side of a dance studio, Wine Knot offers an authentic Spanish tapas, Mediterranean cuisine and new twists on old favorites. We recommend their house-made, smile-inducing Sangria, piquillo pepper tapas and the tomato asparagus stack! Wine, food and dancing – ingredients to a great evening.
Located in the Retail Corridor off 23rd Street

Looking for a blast from the past? Check out the Martin Theatre. This classic art deco cinema was built in the 30’s and originally known as the “Ritz”. They host a variety of affordably priced shows, everything from classic movies to musicals. Fun fact: Clark Gable visited the theatre when he was stationed at nearby Tyndall Air Force Base.
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

The Marina Civic Center is an intimate 2,509 seat live entertainment & events theatre with a fully-equipped stage, industry-level lights & sound, Box Office, Concessions and Bar Services, two lobby spaces and three Galleries. MCC hosts a variety of events – International Tours & Artists, Tony Award-winning Broadway Musicals, National Dance Competitions, Arts in Education Programs, Operas & Orchestras, Conferences & Seminars – something for everyone, all ages and budgets!
Located on Panama City Marina in Historic Downtown Panama City

We Are Downtown PC, is a collective of local merchants in the Historic Downtown Panama City area that host regular family friendly events. Just about every Saturday, weather permitting, they host a Movies in the Park Night at McKenzie Park. The movies are free and open to the public.
Events held throughout the Historic Downtown Panama City Area

Into the eclectic music scene? The Ukulele Orchestra of St. Andrews (born 2013) boasts over 140 members that you can find playing at various venues around the City. Smiling is required and ultimately inevitable when you watch this group! And it’s all for a good cause! They play for tips and all the proceeds go to putting ukuleles in the local schools for music education. And if you really fall in love with them – they host the Strummin’ Man Ukulele Festival every fall!
Located at venues throughout Panama City

Shh…it’s the almost unassuming door in the middle of Floriopolis and Estate Treasures. Mariners Daughter Emporium & Pub is the epitome of a modern day speakeasy that leaves the door open. Disguised with a gift shop in the front, the bar in the back is where it’s at! Like a true speakeasy – half the fun is finding the hidden treasure of the back bar!
Located in Historic St. Andrews

Up for some friendly Pub games? The Corner Pocket & Craft Beer Emporium touts over 200 craft beers, more than 10 pool tables and it’s non-smoking! If you’re up for the challenge….we recommend going on a Thursday afternoon for the $5 craft beer tastings!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

No Name Lounge takes sitting on the dock of the bay to a whole new level. Located at the foot of the Hathaway bridge it’s a casual, no frills, leave your worries at the door kind of place. Not only does this old style beach house converted into a bar serve up inexpensive drinks and occasional live music – it has one of the largest back decks around! The sunsets leave us speechless!
Located just east of Hathaway Bridge on Hwy 98

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Call it a souvenir…

Three words. Little Mustard Seed! There’s three floors of shopping, but not your ordinary everyday shopping. They like to consider themselves a community of makers, creators, custom furniture builders and DIY enthusiasts extraordinaire!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

On the hunt for a timeless treasure? Elegant Endeavors Antique Emporium is a multi-level, 22,000 square feet antique store filled with collectibles, memorabilia, vintage anything and everything, trinkets, baubles and relics from a bygone age. Schedule your day accordingly, because this travel through time will take awhile!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

Design Salvage, a 25,000 square foot warehouse, is a like getting lost in a designers dream. Specializing in unique items, elements, decor, vintage and designer furnishings – they have everything from door knobs to barn doors! Open to the public on Friday – Sunday
Located just off Hwy 98

Panama City is also home to the largest single level indoor shopping mall in the county! Panama City Mall has everything! From the large national brand anchor stores we all know and love, to the specialty shops and designer boutiques – it’s a shopper’s paradise. Their family-friendly special events are the greatest bar none! Where else does Santa drop by from a helicopter, bilingual story time and local tryouts for the Voice happen?
Located on Hwy 231 and 23rd Street

More Shopping

Like adventure?…

Get in touch with your wild side at St. Andrews State Park. Well-known for its sugar white sands and emerald green waters, this former military reservation has over one-and-a-half miles of beaches on the Gulf of Mexico and Grand Lagoon. Water sports enthusiasts can enjoy swimming, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking and canoeing. Two fishing piers, a jetty and a boat ramp provide ample fishing opportunities for anglers. Two nature trails wind through a rich diversity of coastal plant communities – a splendid opportunity for bird-watching. Those wanting to relax can sunbathe on the beach or enjoy a leisurely lunch under the shade of a picnic pavilion. Shell Island Boat Tours are available during the spring, summer and some of the fall.
Park Admission is just $8 per car and the Shell Island boat tours are under $20!
Located in Panama City

Panama City has three exceptional disc golf courses! Bay Memorial Park, Joe Moody Park, and the breathtaking waterfront FSU-PC Campus disc golf course. Nothing says family fun like a day at the park! Best thing – every one of these courses is free and open to the public!
Located in the Panama City

Looking to test your sea legs? We’ve got just the skippers for the job! Most of the charter fishing boats, Shell Island Snorkeling, Dolphin Watch Tours, and Sunset Sails are under $50 per person.
Charters located at Sun Harbor Marina, St. Andrews Marina, and Panama City Marina

Some say yoga is the fountain of youth. Aerial Dance Panama City is the perfect place for novice to advanced aerial yogis. Classes average about $20 per person and no one leaves in a bad mood – ever.
Located in Panama City

The Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida will educate and inspire children and adults through hands-on, interactive exhibits and programs that promote discovery of science, technology, and history. Adults are $7; kids, military and seniors are $6.
Located in Panama City

Need something to get your gears turning? With an elaborate mix of puzzle solving and adventure, Escape Manor, is the place for you. Once the door is locked – you and your team have one hour to solve your way to freedom!
Located in Historic Downtown Panama City

We all know the real adventure in life is love! So if you’re ready to take the real plunge, head over to the Bay County Courthouse and get that marriage license! Technically, it’s $86, but marriage is a partnership – so that’s really only $43 each! Seriously though, a destination wedding in any of our waterfront parks would make memorable occasion for the whole wedding party! Bay County Marriage FAQ.

More Things to Do

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10 Things to Do in Panama City, Florida with Kids


Get creative at Floriopolis, a uniquely inviting family-friendly art gallery and interactive studio. Not only can you shop for one-of-a-kind creations by local artists, but you can make your own! Bring the family to take a 10-minute art break by participating in Art on the Spot, a free mini art lesson disguised as fun projects! Art on the Spot happens daily, but the theme changes weekly! If you want to create your own museum-worthy masterpiece, enjoy open Studio Days, where you’ll be provided a working space and a variety of different supplies to use! Whether you want to paint a picture or build a robot…Floriopolis is the place to go!

Disc Golf

No family vacation is complete without a little competition! Play a family-friendly game of disc golf for free at one of the many disc golf locations in Panama City. Not only is it fun for all ages, but it’s a great way to elicit lots of laughter and create lasting memories. You can find great disc golf courses at Bay Memorial Park, FSU Panama City campus and Joe Moody Harris Park.


Escape Manor

Are you ready for a night of exciting live action entertainment? If you answered yes, then make your reservations at Escape Manor now! Perfect for families with older children, this is an hour-long adventurous game of strategy to solve the mystery at hand and unlock the room. But you better hurry, because you’re on a time limit! The entire family will have to work together to crack a series of codes, puzzles and riddles using clues and hints to unveil the secrets hidden in the room.

Jani Ceramics

Design your very own ceramics at Jani Ceramics. With hundreds of ceramic shapes on the shelves, you can pick your perfect piece! Design and paint a one of kind masterpiece with dozens of beautiful, vibrant paint colors to choose from. After it’s been glazed and fired, you can take it home! No matter what your age or skill level, you’ll have a great time! Bring the whole family and sit back and enjoy your creative time at Jani Ceramics!


Experience the Gulf Coast one of the best ways possible…on a kayak! Emerald Coast Kayak Charters will take you on a guided expedition through the crystal blue waters of St. Andrews Bay.

Martin Theatre

Catch a show at the Martin Theatre, an old-fashioned art deco theatre. The theatre first opened its door in 1936 as the “Ritz”, but bas since been fully renovated. Early memories boast visits by such notables as Clark Gable and cowboy great, Bill Elliot. Now, the family-friendly theatre hosts a variety of shows, events and themed movie nights!

Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida

The Science and Discovery Center of Northwest Florida is a fun and engaging destination for children to inspire, create, explore and have fun! Through hands-on learning, interactive exhibits and programs, children and adults are educated in science, technology and history.

Shell Island

Explore Shell Island, an uninhabited barrier island stretching for 7 miles between the Gulf of Mexico and St. Andrews Bay. You’re likely to catch a pod of dolphins playing in the water, and can even jump in to join the fun! Once on the island, there’s endless amounts of fun to be had! Shelling, snorkeling, fishing and maybe even a sea turtle sighting! You can rent a pontoon boat, or even jet skis, for unguided excursions to the island. Whatever you decide, relax and enjoy the sunshine on your adventure!

Snorkel & Swim with Dolphins

Explore St. Andrews Bay on a guided expedition with Ashley Gorman Shell Island Cruises. Snorkel the shallow waters of the Bay and then venture into the Gulf for a chance to swim with the dolphins! Fun for all ages, kids can collect sea shells and explore marine life. The 3 and ½ hour trip includes snorkel gear and a hotdog lunch with chips and drinks.

Sugar Boogers

Have a sweet tooth that won’t quit? Do you eat cupcakes for breakfast? Does hearing the words “icing shots” make you drool? Then you need to run to Sugar Boogers! And the name of their business is even sweeter than their specialty cakes – it was inspired by a nickname that the owner’s grandpa called her Oma. Sugar Boogers is the place to stop if you’re looking for cookies, ice cream, or gourmet cupcakes on an exciting day in Panama City, or if you’re looking for a cake for a special occasion!


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